Although I have seen some great and interesting uses of twitter in the classroom Edmodo seems to offer different possibilities for classroom use. The site serves as a private communication platform for teachers and students. Users must be given a code to join a group. Once students have a code they can ask questions, share information, submit assignments. Teachers can create, collect, grade, and return assignment.

  • The instant feedback that online learning provides helps teachers to recognize areas in need of reinforcment before assignments are due and grades are given.
  • Private groups alleviate concerns of Internet safety.
  • Students are able to check the calendar and receive alerts when deadlines are appraoching to keep them on track.
  • Students can submit assignments as they complete them, hopefully preventing students from forgetting to submit or losing their work.

I think that microblogging is just one of the components Edmodo. The site reminds me of reminds Blackboard but with a more web 2.0 feel. The real bonus of Edmodo for me? While most other web 2.0 sites are blocked in the districts I have worked with this is not (yet).